Garlic Braids

Materials Needed:
Garlic bulbs (with the tops still attached)
Baling twine or soft jute parcel post string, cut into
4 - 6 foot lengths


-- Gather together three garlic bulbs.

-- Use one end of twine to securely tie together the stems.

-- Begin braiding the stems as you would hair for pigtails,
working the twine as a unit with one of the stems.

-- After making several crosses, begin adding additional garlic
bulbs, taking care to space them evenly. (You'll be
combining several stems into one section of the braid; no one
stem will extend for the entire length of the braid.)

-- Use the twine to make a loop at the end of the braid (for hanging).

-- Hang the braid in an airy, dry, shaded, place for two weeks.
At the end of this period, check to see if the tops are
completely dry. If not, allow them to hang there longer
(until the tops are completely dry).

Variation: If desired, either weave in or glue on dried flowers.

Note: As stated above, the braids must be allowed to dry for
at least two weeks before giving or displaying.


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