Yo-Yo Stocking

Posted by katy on October 21,
YoYo Stocking

60 3 1/2 inch Circles of Assorted
Christmas Print Fabrics for Yo-Yo's
1/2 YD 44/45 inch-Red and Green
Christmas Print Fabric (for cuff and lining)
1/2 YD 44/45inch-Red Solid Fabric for stocking
1/2 YD Fleece
2 YDS 2-wide Red Satin Ribbon
3 YDS Gold Metallic Piping
60 Assorted novelty buttons or -Miniature ornaments 1/2inch
1/2 Inch Novelty for cuff
3 Jingle bells gold
Threads to match fabric Scissors

NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated, all seam allowances
are 1/4-inch and all seams are sewn with right sides facing.

Make a pattern that is 11-inches across the longest part of the foot and 17-inches from the bottom of the toes to the top of the cuff. Top of the cuff being 7-inches wide. Be sure to add 1/4-inch seam allowance around the outside of these measurements.
Cut tworeverse one from red solid print. the pattern measurements are taken from counting the 1 square equals 1 inch graph that was given.

1. From red and green print fabric, cut two 5 1/2inch X 16 inch pieces for the cuff and cuff lining and one 2 X 5 1/2-inch strip for hanging loop. Cut one 5 1/2inch X 16inch cuff piece from fleece.

2. To make fabric circles into yo-yos, stitch around each circle from wrong side of fabric, turning raw edge under 1/4-inch toward wrong side of fabric as you work and leaving thread tails long. Pull thread tails tight to form yo-yo, know thread ends together, and clip close to knot.

3. Baste fleece to wrong side of sticking front.
Aligning raw edges, sew piping to side and bottom edges of stocking. to attach yo-yos to right side of stocking front, position each yo-yo with gathered side up and a button centered on top. Sew button in place, stitching through yo-yo and stocking. Begin at toe and sew yo-yos close together, overlapping edges, to 4 1/2 inches from stocking top. Sew stocking front and back together, leaving top edge open. Trim seam, clip curves, and turn.

4. Baste fleece to wrong side of one cuff piece. Fold fleece/cuff piece in half; sew short edges together. Repeat for cuff lining piece. With raw edge of piping toward outside, sew piping around fleece cuff piece bottom edge on seam line. Align seams and sew bottom edges of cuff and lining together. Trim seam, turn, and press. Baste top edges of cuff together and sew to top of stocking, aligning top edges and seams.
Fold loop strip in half lengthwise and sew long edges together. Trim seam and turn. Sewto back seam of cuff, with raw edges of loop at cuff top.

5. Sew stocking lining pieces together, leaving top edge open and an opening in the bottom for turning do not turn. Clip curves. Place stocking inside lining with right sides facing and seams aligned. Sew together along top edges. Pull stocking through opening in bottom of lining. Slipstitch opening closed and insert lining in stocking.

6. Make a multi-loop bow with red ribbon and sew to center front of cuff. Sew jingle bells and novelty to cuff below bow center.   ||   Tutorials and easy crafts   ||   Christmas Crafts