Mini Yo-Yo Clown

Monday, 17-Nov-
5-6 Assorted colors of scraps
4 jingle bells ( 8-10 mm.)
Scraps from all cotton sock

Make 35 mini yo yo's (about a 1 in circle)

8 for each leg
6 for each arm
7 for the body

Join each section together

Make head by using scraps from baby sock. Stuff and secure at top.
circumference approx. 3'. You will cover the gathered ends with a hat.

to make the hat take about a 3 in circle and fold in half bring it together to form a cone shape. attach an addition jingle to the point if desired. Turn under raw edges and attach to baby sock head. embellish wth buttons if desired.

To construct the doll

attach the legs to the body using two strands of thread ( I use elastic thread) go up through each section and back down again. attach a jingle bell to the very bottom of each arm and leg. draw a tiny clown face on the doll head.
(can use pre-painted wood beads for head if desired)
Hope these helped.
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