Sleeping Christmas Mouse

Sleeping Christmas Mouse

Supplies -
half of a walnut shell
2 plastic eyes (small)
1 large round gray or white puff ball, depending on what color you
want your mouse to be (You can get these at thrift or craft stores.
Also, the large puff ball has to be small enough to fit in a walnut shell.)
2 small grey or white puff balls for the ears.
1 medium size puff ball.
Any color ribbon about 5 inches long.
A miniature Santa hat, optional (You can get these at craft stores
with the miniature doll things or ask a clerk to help you find them.)
A glue gun (make sure you have parent supervision!)

Project how to -

1.Make sure you have a piece of newspaper on a table or on the floor (were ever is easier to work) so you don't get any
glue or scraps everywhere and when clean up time comes you can get it over with quickly.
2.Lay all your materials out on the newspaper. Heat the glue gun up and make sure you have a adult watching you at all times when you are using the glue gun.
3.Put a dot of glue in the walnut half and stick the large puff ball inside it and press down lightly and hold for about 10 seconds. 4.Then put a dot of glue on the medium size ball where the head should go and hold for about 20 seconds.
5.Next you take the two small eyes and place them on the head with a dot of glue and gently hold for about 10 seconds each.
6.Then you put on the ears, take the small puff ball and place them above the head and glue on and hold for 10 seconds.
7.Then you take the ribbon and place it under the walnut and glue then you tie it at the top so you can hang your mouse.
8.Hang it on your tree for a nice little touch.

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