Sugar Castle

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Dated : November 20, 1998 at 23:26:52

###I found a mention of this on another BB. I asked for the instructions and Chris, very nicely e-mailed them to me and also gave permission to post them here. Thanks Chris! bye Bonny (Granny) #--------*
Hi Bonnie-
I wish I had a scanner so I could send the pictures. It would make it easier, but will try to give the directions to you.
When finished, it looks like a rectangular "house" with "gables", then two towers go on each side of the rectangular part.

4 - 1-1/2 oz boxes sugarcubes,
glue (directions doesn't say what kind)
(guess I'll just use craft glue;
black felt pen,
sheet of paper or cardboard as base,
small scraps of card for window templates,
nightlights and holders
(When I looked up these directions for the first time in years I found it called for nightlights instead of votives.)

1. Make a door frame by sticking together two columns each of four sugarcubes.
Stick two more cubes together and insert between the columns and stick in place.

2. Draw a rectangle 10-1/2 inches by 5 inches on the base paper using the ruler
and felt pen. This acts as the template for keeping the building straight.

3. Put the already made door frame in the middle of the long side mark, stick a
cube on either side of the doorway and lay the first row of sugarcubes along the
black line leaving a small space between each cube, except at the corners.
When you come to build the 2nd row of cubes, use the glue to fix them in place with the
center of the top cube straddling the two cubes below.

4. Make a window template from a piece of cardboard or paper by laying 4 cubes together to make a
vertical cross ( + ). Draw around and cut out. Insert these templates into the
third row on either side of the front door and 2 cubes away.

5. Continue building up the rows, working around the templates in the 7th row.
Make the castellations (this is just one cube spaced apart for decoration)
in the 9th row around the back and sides but continue building the front, creating three gables,
one above each window. (These are just 3 cubes on first row, 2 on second, 1 on top).

6. Allow to dry for two hours and then remove the window templates with tweezers.

7. To make the tower, use a bowl as a template and draw around it on a piece
of paper, making a circle with a diameter of about 3-1/2 inches.
Arrange a foundation row with cubes evenly spaces around this circle.

8. Build up 9 rows, then make the castellations on the
10th row by leaving out alternate sugarcubes.

Let set overnight. Place a tower on each side of the main building.
Put nightlights inside glass jars and place inside the buildings.
Still haven't figuered out what to spray it all with, but would hate to go to this much work building the thing and it only last one year!
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