Empty Large wooded spool
Two gold metal filigree diskÝs---1 Š"
One gold metal filigree ball---1/2"
One package 8mm beads.
One package 6mm beads
One jar clear very very fine glitter.
Jar of designer tacky glue.
You will need something to glue around the inside of the spool

1. Cut and glue something that has meaning for you around the center portion of the spool.

2. Put a thin coating of glue over whatever you used in the center portion of the spool and sprinkle the glitter [I have always used diamond dust] and when dry brush off the extra glitter.

3. Glue the metal filigree disks to the top and bottom of the spool- centering it. Then glue the ball that has the hook on it to the top. You will be using that to attach the ornament hook to. [or you can use a fine gold cord]

5. Glue 6 mm beads around the ball

6. Glue 8 mm beads under the top lip of the spool [the portion that is between the gold disk and the center portion when the picture/material etc is glued.
Do this to the bottom of the spool lip also.
This is the basics implified design use your creativity to expand on these direction to make the ball special to you.
We all have ways of making an item better and I encourage everyone to add or subtract from these directions to make it personal to you.
On the part of the center portion that you glue something to.
That can be maybe some material from one your children's clothes and portion of a card that has meaning for you.
Any kind of pictures or you can reduce an invitation to fit the dimensions of the center portion of the spool and glue that on.
Use something that in the years to come will have meaning to you or someone in your family.   ||   Tutorials and easy crafts   ||   Christmas Crafts