Seashell Tree Topper

Tuesday, 02-Dec-

Tree topper;
take two large starfish about the same size & shapes.
Drill holes in the centers & screw into a 2" 3/4" PVC
pipe. (This allows it to slip over top limb on tree.
Spray gold & ad glitter. Gule a large scallop shell over the screws to
cover & paint on glue, add fine glitter.

Paint shells first and drill holes if needed.
String 4-5 small scallop type shells together with 1/4" gold or silver
cording, overlapping slightly. Use end of cord for hanger.

Two large scallop shells glued together with a glittery pipe cleaner
in between at top.This will fold over for arms.
Glue a wooden bead head on top, make a halo out of leftover pipecleaner.
Make a lacy gold bow and glue on back of head for wings.
Attach a small spiral shell to the pipe cleaner ends (bringing them
together in front of shell). Add glitter to any parts you want.

Sand dollars can be decopaged with Xmas napkins and fine glittered over.

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