shot gun shell santa ornaments

Sunday, 02-Nov-

I made one of these a couple of years ago.shot gun shell santa ornaments shot gun shell santa ornaments. On the open end of the shell casing you punch holes on opposite sides to attach a 6" gold wire forshot gun shell santa ornaments hanger.

The hanger has a small gold bell attached and a twist in the wire to hold the bell in place. The white hat brim and beard is painted with the thick snow tex type paint, eyes are small half black beads. a tiny red pom pom for the nose. Around the open casing of the shell we put a piece of artifical pine branch (like he has a wreath on his head).
You were lucky I had this ornament in my craft box and knew right where he was. Its really cute.
It would be a great ornament or tie on for the hunters in the family.
Good luck.
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