reindeer and wreath

Posted by Rita B on March 02,
puzzle piece pins posted by Clair on March 02,

I had a ball making those with my kids.
we made reindeer and christmas wreathes.
I've also seen them done in faces.
I looked for piece that looked like a reindeer's head.
Two antlers and the snout.
spray paint brown,
glue two eyes,
and a small pompom for nose.
glue pinback on.

the wreath i srayed the pieces green and cut a circle out of green poster board.
glue the pieces on the circle over lapping .
I took red puff paint to add berries.
and a red ribbon. Just look at the pieces and let your imagination go.

Reindeer pin

It is made out of puzzle pieces, a tiny red pom-pom, and tiny wiggly eyes.
You take three pieces of puzzle, paint them brown (front and back),
glue two of them together at an angle so that you have the tab end pointing
kinda upwards like one of the points on the antler.
Take the third piece and glue it on top of the other two as the head.
Place it so the tab is downwards and can be the nose.
Glue a tiny red pom-pom on it.
Then you place the wiggly eyes up above on the top part of this piece of puzzle.
Paint some little dots of red and green on the antler pieces as holly.   ||   Tutorials and easy crafts   ||   Christmas Crafts