Reindeer Ornament

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Dated : January 28,
Subject: Reindeer Ornament
Here is a cute and quick ornament to make. Bye! Diana*

Reindeer Ornament:
Supplies-For each project you will need, a 5" Tan Chenille bump,
tiny chenille stem in brown, 3" piece of 1/4" ribbon, fine wire,
small scraps of tan felt, 1/4" red pom pom,
and 1 pair of 10mm wiggle eyes.

Bend the bump in half, twist together at the bottom and bend up and
flatten back. Point is at the bottom. For the antlers, use 5" of
a tiy chenille stem, bend in half and slip through the top of the
bump and twist to fasten. Using (2) 1" pieces of the same stem,
twist on each antler and shape. Cut two ears from the tan felt,
(cut the ears in a shape of a tear drop about 1-1/4" long but cut
one end straight across rather then a pointed end.

Pinch ear together at the bottom and glue in place.
Make a small bow by placing ribbon in a "figure 8", pinch together
in the middle and fasten with a fine wire. Clue a 1/4" red pom pom
for the nose and add the wiggle eyes. Finish by attaching fishing
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