Pinecone Wreath

Posted by Evelyn on October 18,


Materials needed:
1.Assorted whole nuts(walnuts,pecans, etc. What ever
you would like to use)
3.One 18"-wire wreath form
4.Light to medium gauge wire
7.Hand clippers

For the base of the wreath, use an 18" wire wreath
form, available in craft and flower supply stores.
Attach cones to the form with 12" wires twisted
around the cone bottoms. To make pine cone "flowers",
cut off the top portion of cone with sharp hand

Drill a small hole in the nuts; insert wires to join
nuts in clusters. Wire clusters in place. After
pinecones and nut clusters have been wired to form
in the way that you would like wreath to look. Spray
wreath with shellac. After shellac has dried. Wind 2"-
wide ribbon through wreath; attach bow.

Using sprays made from nuts, is an option only.
Wreath can be made just using the pine cones.

Take Care

Hi Lynn:
First...I sterilize my cones.:)
warm up the oven to about 325-350 degrees.
Then spread foil over the cookie sheet..spread the pinecones on it.
This will evict some of the kritters that you don't want and melt
any pitch that might be there giving you a nice shiny pinecone.
It will also open up any cones that you might still be closed.

wire wreath
glue gun
flowers, nuts, cinnamon sticks,
berries etc.

I set the wire wreath on the table.
You will have...two round wires on the table and one raised.
Take a pipe cleaner and make a loop for hanging.

Take one cone and shove in sideways between wire one and wire two...
Then go to the inside circle and push one from the other side and do this
all the way around..this is kind of hard..but if you push it in properly the
cones stay in pretty tight.

The top layer..
I glue little pinecones and nuts, cinnamon sticks with the glue gun where
ever I have a gap.

Then I make a bright red bow and tie to the wreath between the cones..
you might have to remmove a cone or two to make room for the bow.
Glue some redberries and snowy spriggs around the bow.

Then just hang and enjoy!

At Christmas time my kiddies and I make pinecone wreaths to give to our friends.
It is great fun to try to race the squirrels for them...:)
These wreaths look great at any season with just the change of bow and
I saw these wreath at the flea market with just a bow selling for 35 Canadian.
Merry Christmas!
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