Clay Pot Snowman

A clay pot Snowman in CraftPals Christmas Ornaments
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Dated : October 11,

This will make a small snowman.
You will need three terra cotta pots.
Paint one all white, one white with rim black, one all black.
Place all white one open end down, then glue white one w/black rim bottom to bottom to all white one, then glue all black one open end to open end to black rimmed one.

Then paint a face on the black rimmed one.
Embellish body of snowman with pom poms (or whatever you wish) for buttons.
Make a scarf out of fabric (or use a wide ribbon) and tie around neck of snowman.
You can use large pots also (just add an extra pot or two for body).;))   ||   Tutorials and easy crafts   ||   Christmas Crafts