nostalgic ornament

Bonny posted Message 1117 in the CraftPals Christmas Ornaments and Angels BB
Dated : September 19, 1998 at 18:23:26
Subject: An idea for nostalgic ornament

####I was just thinking of the old Wood stove we had when I was a kid, and of all the "wet-from-playing-in-the-snow-mittens" that were hanging to dry, near the stove.

I thought that this memory could be made into some neat nostalgic things.
The stove could be an old cooking stove type, or a pot-bellied stove.
This could be made of painted wood flat or 3-dimensional.
Or it could be made of cloth; an appliqued picture, or a 3-D soft sculpture.
The mittens could also be of wood or cloth, or even cut from old sweaters, for tht knitted look.

There might be a dog, cat, or mouse (hiding).
Maybe some real twigs to look like fire wood, or any embellishments one could think of.
Or it might all be minaturized and made of polymer clay for an ornament or a pin.
Just hope someone might like this idea. bye Bonny (Granny)   ||   Tutorials and easy crafts   ||   Christmas Crafts