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: Penny,
: Gingerbreadman From Paper Bags.
: : Draw the shape of a gingerbreadman on a heavy brown paper bag.
Cut 2 pieces with pinking shears scissors.
Glue edges close and leave a 1" opening on top of head.
Put a little fiberfil inside. Not too much.
Just a little to make it a little soft. Make a loop out of red satin ribbon to hang. Put end of ribbon in the opening of the head and glue close.

You can use acrylic paint, or scribble paint, in the squeeze bottle, or markers. Make a zig-zag line around the body of the gingerbreadman close to the edges but don't go off the edges. Now give him 2 eyes, 3 buttons down his chest that looks like hearts or flowers (made with just dots 5 or white and one dot of red in center).

Put a small heart (or flower) on each hand close to edge
and feet and then put another zig-zag line to close in the heart.
Add a few flowers above his eyes closer to the zig-zag edge following the pattern of the head. You can also seal with an acrylic spray & or 2 coats of waterbased varnish.

: : Make Cinnamon Stars, or Heart Shapes etc. to Decorate - Use 4.5 oz. jar ground cinnamon, small jar of applesauce, small plastic bag.
To Make Cinnamon Dough:
Empty the cinnamon into the bag. Slowly, add the applesauce 1 tablespoonful at a time.
Dough should be the consistency of rolled out sugar cookie dough. Roll dough into a ball and place on a flat surface with waxed paper underneath and also on top.
Roll out to 1/4" thickness. Cut out shapes of choice with a cookie cutter or an Xacto knife.

Put hole at the top so you can add a ribbon later to hang. Lift with the spatula and lay on a flat surface to dry. Allow at
least 24 hours to dry completely, turning a few times. (It will take a little longer if humid). Smooth out any rough edges with emery board or fingers, if necessary. Now, add ribbon to hang.

Decorate with bows,silk flowers, Christmas greenery and berries, etc.
I have an idea for you! Find large pine cones and glue some loose jewels to rhe points on it or dec-orate it to look like a Christmas Tree of your own!

Posted by Stacey on December 05,
Felt ornaments:
Get different colored felt squares (white, red, green) and cut them into Christmas shapes
(stocking, tree, star). Using glue and gold glitter, make whatever decorations you want on them and punch
a hole near the top and make a loop with thin gold cording to hang it on the tree.

Pine cone ornaments or nick nacks:
find pine cones that are short and fat and will stand up on their own (looking like a christmas tree). Spray paint them green and hot glue little red berries or seeds on the "branches".
They can just sit on a table or be made into ornaments.

Pine cone bird feeder:
Find large pine cones..roll them in peanut butter and then in bird seed. Can be hung out in trees for the birds.

Posted by Karen H on December 07,
Have you seen the candy cane reindeers?
At the top of the candy cane, you fix antlers out of brown pipe cleaners.
Twist the cleaner twice, then shape each side of the antler (two v shapes).
Just below that, you glue two eyes, a red pom pom for the nose.
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