2" or 3" glass or plastic iridescent balls.
Christmas rubber stamps in the to fit the ball you choose.
You can use a combination of stamps or just one Package of watercolour markers, Black acrylic bottled paint Krylon #1306 spray for watercolour

Ribbon, small christmas items etc.
These will be used for decorating the top metal part of ornament gluing them in place.

Use your own touch in this step and there is no wrong way of adding to them just use your imagination.These balls are done on the 2" or 3" balls.
I suggest you use the clear glass or irredescent plastic ones.
They are done to resemble watercolours and have a slightly primitive look to them.
You will be using rubber stamps and rubber stamp markers

1. Make sure the ball is clean and lightly sand it with a piece of paperbag.

2. Paint your rubber stamp with black acrylic paint putting a fairly heavy coat but try not to get into the crevices.

3. Now transfer your rubber stamp to the ball and holding it in place securely lightly rock it to put your design onto the balls surface.

4. If you find part of the design did not transfer well don't worry about it at this stage as long as you have a slight line to follow.
Also at this stage if you do not like the job you have done you can immediately wash off the paint. Let it dry and start again.

5. Now fill in the area as you would a colouring book, making sure you do not go outside the lines {you are going to reinforce them with a pigma pen.} Do not expect them to go on the ball as acrylic paint would because this is supposed to resemble watercolours. Let this dry completely.

6. Now with an 05 black pigma pen outline all the lines again so they stand out.

7. Now slightly spray the finished ball with Krylon #1306 spray to protect the design you just did on your ball

8. These can now be left as is or you can embellish   ||   Tutorials and easy crafts   ||   Christmas Crafts