Clay Pot Soldier

Posted by soldier on November 04,
A clay pot soldier
5 clay flower pots (4 inch)
3 cans acrylic enalmel spray paint - red, blue, black
1 small paint brush
1-2" black pompom
6-3/4" white pompoms
1-1/4" red pompom (for the nose)
2-14mm eyes
1 white felt (for whiskers and gloves)
1 red felt (for arms and mouth)
1 pkg. 3/5" gold braid
15" black grosgrain ribbon
Instrument of your choice
Masking tape or cling wrap for taping pots to make rims easier to paint.

PAINTING Start from bottom pot.
1- black rim - flower pot blue
2- red rim - flower pot blue
3- all red
4- natural pot - black rim and visor
5- all black

NOTE: Paint must dry before glueing together pots!


Starting at BOTTOM glue pots (E-6000 glue holds best).
Blue with black band upside down, blue with red band right side up, red pot upside down, natural with black band right side up, black pot upside down. Next starting at top.

Glue 2" black pompom to top pot, glue gold braid between next two pots, black grosgrain between next pot for belt, gold braid down sides of two bottom pots.

Next make a face (which you can paint on instead of using pompoms and felt) and glue their arms and hands (gloves). Gold braid may be put on sleeve cuff.
Glue arms at side shoulder line.

Six white pompoms: 2 at visor side, 2 at shoulder, 2 resting on band of pot above waist line.
Finish chest with X of gold braid between pompoms.
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