Sunday, 23-Nov- 23:38:06
Here's a really cute and easy Rudolf made from the ever popular terra cotta flower pots.
You will need:
1 small terra cotta pot (2" or so)
1 small craft spool or large eyed button
1 red pom pom for nose
2 googley eyes
2 small jingle bells
red satin ribbon

I usually start with the face. Turn the flower pot so that the bottom becomes the top and the open end is the bottom.
Either glue on the googley eyes or draw them with a fine permanent black pen, glue on the red pom pom and draw on a mouth.
Loop the ribbon through the hole in the pot so that you can hang the ornament.
Put the craft spool on the inside of the pot and thread the ribbon ends through it. Knot the ribbon so that it does not pull through the spool.
Allow the ribbon ends to hang below the bottom of the pot and cut on a diagonal at the desired length. Tie a jingle bell on each ribbon end.
If you like you can decorate Rudolf with fine garland, snowflakes, holly or whatever you may have on hand.
These are really cute and kids love them.


Re: Rudolf Amendment - The antlers
Monday, 24-Nov- 13:20:37

Oops! What's Rudolf with no antlers? For the antlers you'll need:
1 - 2"x4" piece brown felt
1 - 2"x4" piece tan felt
Make a paper pattern that resembles 3 fingers for the antler.
Cut 2 from the brown felt and 2 slightly smaller ones from the tan felt.
Glue the tan pieces to the brown and glue the antlers to the head.
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