Christmas Pots

Hope all is well with you... wanted to send you this craft.
I am busy making several for Teachers. You might want to use it for the Room Mother's board.

Christmas Pots

Small or med. clay flower pots...
Red and green spray paint(or desired color).
Drill with masonry bit.
Small amount of white for angels...
Craft wire.
Ribbon of your choice for bows.
Candy to fill pots...
your choice...
I used red pepper mint for red pots..
and green for the green pots.
All materials for this craft was found at Wal-Mart.

Drill holes in your pots for wire(just below the lip of pot).
Spray paint red or green.
After they dry, draw an angel onto the pots(this can be done with tracing paper and graphite paper(transfer paper).
Outline angel in white.
Fill in a few area's... like horn, sleeve cuff, and tip of angel wings.
OR if you would rather not paint angel on... to save time..etc... you can use stickers or decals.
Your with any craft use your imagination.
Measure your wire.. be sure to leave it long enough to go through the holes and twist to make a handle, any extra can be twisted around a pencil to add to the effect.
Lastly add bow... to front of pot... or wire hanger. They are ready to be filled.

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