cinnamon dough project

Dated : March 27,
Subject: Re: Ideas for Cinnamon Dough

Here is a favorite cinnamon dough project that I like. Bye! Diana*
4.5 oz. jar ground cinnamon,
small jar of applesauce,
small plastic bag,
waxed paper,
rolling pin,
xacto knife or small sharp edge cutting tool,
6" square blue frame or framing hoop,
7" square medium to heavy weight clear vinyl,
blue adhesive backed felt to match frame color or plain blue felt with tacky craft glue,
1/4 yard 3/8" wide blue grosgrain ribbon,
1 yard 1-1/2" wide white pre-gathered eyelet,
a spatula and tacky craft glue.

Empty the cinnamon into the bag.
Slowly, add the applesauce 1 tablespoon at a time.
Dough should be the consistency of rolled out sugar cookie dough.
Roll dough into a ball and place on a flat surface with waxed paper on a flat surface with waxed paper underneath and also on top.

Roll out to 1/4" thickness.
Cut (4) hearts and (1)cut out a house shape with cookie cutter or make your own paper pattern with the xacto knife.
Lift with the spatula & lay on a flat surface to dry.
Allow at least 24 hours to dry completely, turning a few times.
(It may take longer if humid).
Smooth out any rough edges with emery board or fingers, if necessary.

For placement of Cinnamon dough:
Place one heart of each point of frame tilting to the center of the frame. The hearts on the bottom of the frame will be with upside down with point tilting towared the center of the frame.
The cinnamon dough house will be place in the center but leave enough of room above the house to place the black felt letters that say Welcome & placed in a slight frown shape above the house. Trace the back of the hoop or frame onto the vinyl.

Cut out and glue to the back of frame, sandwiching the hanger in between frame back and vinyl. Vinyl will be on the back of the frame, giving you a shadow box effect. Spread glue around the outside edge of the vinyl and attach eyelet.
Cut "WELCOME" from felt. Attach the "C" at the center top of frame on the vinyl. Attach the other letters, keeping them evenly spaced on either side.

NOTE: the reason or attaching the "C" first is that it is the center of the word and it is easier to place the other letters and keep them centered. Now hang.   ||   Tutorials and easy crafts   ||   Christmas Crafts