Christmas wreath

Sonja posted Message 1365 in the CraftPals Christmas Ornaments
Dated : November 07,
Subject: Re: Christmas craft ideas?

I just have a request that if possible everyone post their ideas.
It is really fun for everyone to get the ideas. :)
Right now I am working on a christmas wreath.
You get a straw wreath and cut material into 4 x 4 inch squarea using pinking shears.
You take a screw driver and "punch" the material in the center into the wreath.
It really will stay there.
You will need 1 1/2 yrds of material for the small wreath.
I then use christmas picks or pinecones etc. to embellish. Enjoy

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Dated : November 08,
Subject: Re: Christmas craft ideas?

I'm currently working on a "Have A Sweet Christmas" wreath which will include the following on a 24" fake pine wreath (I'll attach them with thin wire run through the back of each item):

--ten inch gingerbread men made from tan felt; lightly fiberfilled;
fabric paint features;

--eight inch chocolate chip cookies made from tan felt; lightly
fiberfilled; using brown fabric paint for chips;

--Merry Kissmas candies: slice 2" styrofoam balls in half;
type out Merry Kissmas in green and red (on computer) and print out on
tracing paper which is about the same texture as those used in real Kisses; put 1/2 styrofoam ball on square of tin foil flat side down, hold Merry Kissmas paper so it sticks out of foil; pull foil up and twist to look like real Kiss;

--peppermint candies made from yo-yo's done in red and white striped fabric;

--gingerbread houses made from foam core glued onto smallish boxes and
decorated with fabric (dimensional) paint...thanks to the kind ladies on this board who answered my call for help!!!

--and last but not least, good ole store-bought plastic candy canes!

These wreaths can be used outdoors if there is some protection from the weather (like a roof over a porch). The ones I'm making now have been ordered by people who want them for their offices.

One other great idea I saw on another board.....for inside decoration, wrap your wall-hanging pictures in Christmas wrapping paper and ribbon
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