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Dated : November 02,
Subject: Beeswax ornaments with a surprise

#####Wow, I just saw a craft segment on the telly, that really got me excited. I have not used beeswax to make ornaments and candles, very often, due to the cost of the beeswax. Today I saw a show where beeswax ornaments were made, with a styrofoam center. You can't even tell
there is styrofoam inside the outer covering of beeswax,(the scent of beeswax is the same also). This saves a lot in the cost of making theornaments. Below, I will try to give instructions for making these beautiful little ornaments. Please note, the styrofoam must be the kind that looks like foam (sort of translucent), not the kind that is white and
is opaque,(like the kind used to pack tv, computer, etc.)

----Surprise Beeswax Ornaments

-Styrofoam sheets--thickness will control thickness of ornament -Cookie Cutters (the kind that are open at both top and bottom) -Bamboo skewers
-Styrofoam (to hold the ornaments---can use the white opaque stuff) -Double boiler or can in pan to use to melt beeswax

# Press cookie cutter straight down into styrofoam sheet, on a flat surface.
Use the heel of your hand, as this will require a bit of "muscle".
Push the "cookie" back up through the top of the cookie cutter. Make as many of the styrofoam "cookies" as you desire.

#Push a bamboo skewer into the side of the "cookie" shape, at the place where the bottom of the ornament will be. (just far enough in to make itsecure. The skewer will be used as a handle for dipping, and will be
removed later.

#Melt your wax in the double boiler, or in a can sitting in a pan of simmering water. Do not let wax get hotter than 150 degrees f.

#dip the "cookie" into the melted wax and right back out.
Allow to cool at least 30 seconds before dipping again.
The skewered "cookie" can be stuck into the white styrofoam to allow
the wax to cool.
Do this with all of your skewered "cookies" in rotation.
Be sure to just dip in and out quickly, or your layers of wax will melt off.
Continue the dipping and cooling until you have as many layers of wax as you desire, and there is no styrofoam center showing.

#When cooled, remove the skewer and use your finger to smooth and cover the
skewer hole.

#Polish with a piece of old pantyhose, to get a shiny lustre.

#If you wish to hang the ornament, choose an appropriate spot and pierce
the ornament with an awl or a large needle.
Thread a piece of twine or cord etc, through the hole to make a loop and tie it off.

#These ornaments can be embellished with beads, sequins, dried grains,
dried flowers, or anything you desire. Maybe a tiny ribbon bow.   ||   Tutorials and easy crafts   ||   Christmas Crafts