Beaded Wreath

Beaded Wreath:
1 thin green chenille stem,
32 green tri-beads,
(8) 8mm red faceted beads,
3/8"wide red satin ribbon.

on the chennile stem follow this pattern add 4 green tri-beads then
add 1 red faceted bead, then add 4 tri-bead then add 1 red faceted bead,
continue this pattern until you finish using your beads.

When finished twist the two ends of the chennile stems together a few
time to hold and wrap inbetween the red and tri-bead to hold and cut off
excess. You can add a bow on the front of the wreath and add a nylon
string (like clear fishing line or thread to make a loop to hang dot
the knot with clear glue to hold the knot close).
You can leave it like that or you can add a little flocked bear inside
or any small christmas figure or animal that you like.
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