Xmas wreath Ornament

I made these little wreaths and sold a great many of them and I hope you all enjoy them too.

I took a round plastic canvas circle, counted down three rows, then
cut the center out of it. I then attached a piece of gold metalic cord for a
hanger to a loop by hot glue. I then took miniature tensil, about 2 feet and
began wrapping the whole circle, when it was completely covered I finished
the tensil off by hot gluing it to the back of the wreath.

To make it attractive I decorated it with miniature garland, such as stars and
snowflakes, which I cut apart and glued on seperately around the wreath I
topped it off with a bow at the top and it made the prettiest ornament. It
sparkled and glittered when I put it on the tree.
I really hope your site visitors enjoy it as much as I do sharing it.

--an original by Nancy R   ||   Tutorials and easy crafts   ||   Christmas Crafts