Xmas Cards Ideas

1) You can make this year gift tags out of last years cards.

2) Often you can cut out a rectangular scene from the front that can be
remounted on cardstock to make this year's Christmas cards. Use an insert
made of bond paper for your message inside. This can be created using your
computer or rubberstamps!

3) The backs and the middle panels of cards are often mostly free of writing,
and often nice paper or cardstock. These can be used to create collage
cards for this year.

4) Some designs are appropriate for cutting out and applying magnets to
the back for great fridge magnets.
If you like you can use double sided foam tape to fasten these to the front
of a card which gives a little gift along with a card.

5) The glossy backs and insides of cards are often great for use with
rubberstamps and save the cost of buying glossy cardstock.

6) Some are nice enough to be framed and displayed during the season. Also
appropriate for hostess gifts in a small 5x7 frame. Often if you have a few
years collection you will have several of the same theme or style which
can be used as a decorative collection either framed on the wall,
or on easels.

7)Teachers (public & sunday school) are always looking for free supplies
with which to create "things" and would certainly appreciate your donation.

8) With some patience you can cut out images and use them as decoupage
prints to decorate reuseable boxes, bags, etc for the upcoming season.
For those images printed on heavier stock, using a sharp knife seperate
the layers. The one on the top with the printing should peel easily from
the other layers.

9) Using box templates you could easily make small gift boxes from the
larger cards. Check your local library or bookstore for papercraft books
that would include these templates, or dismantle a small box and see how
it is put together and make your own template.

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