Christmas balls with mini lights


2 string of mini lights 50-100 lights
large clear plastic cups---the amount will depend the size of ball you want.
stapler or glue-----for attaching the cups together.
wire or cord----for a hanger
woodburning tool or hot glue gun---melting a hole on bottom of cup

These cups are put together to resemble a big ball.
Melt a hole on the bottom of the clear cups.
Make a circle of cups, staple them together.
Keep on adding and stapling cups until one half of the ball is finished.
Then make another half just the same.
Before putting the two halves together insert the mini lights and the left over lights just gets tucked in between the cups.
Decide where the plug is going go, top or bottom.
Then staple the two halves together.
These balls usually sell for about 50 dollars..good seller and a good markup.   ||   Tutorials and easy crafts   ||   Christmas Crafts