Xmas Glass Ornament

Hi everyone.

This is instructions for pretty ornaments that I picked up the other day.

Materials:3 or 4 creamcoat acrylics
clear calss ornaments or the plastic balls etc.
paper cups or empty egg cartons

1. Remove hanger and cap from the ornament. Start with one color of the
paint. Squeeze just a small amount of the first color into the ornament so
it runs down the side. Rotate the ornament and squeeze a little more paint
down the side in another area until you've added about three or four lines
of paint with only a dime-size amount of paint pooling at the bottom ofthe ornament.

2. Add the next color, squeezing out a small amount of paint in between
the places where you added the first color. Continue to add one or two
more colors in the same fashion.

3. Rest the ornament on its side for approximately five minutes.
(Place it to rest in the ornament box in came in, an egg carton or
a paper cup for easy handling) Rotate and tok the ornament a quarter
turn every five to ten minutes until the paint covers the entire inside
of the ornament. Then continue to rotate it every hour or two on the next
days. This helps the paint to coat the ornament evenly on the inside.
The color will continue to move and chanage with each turn. At the end
of the second day, drain out excess paint if necessary. It may take up
to four days to dry completely.
Replace cap and hanger when dry.

Other suggestions:

- for horizontal marbling coat ornamement with your choice of colors and
let the ornament dry on its side rotating one side to another avoiding an
upright position.

- for vertical stripping, coat ornament with your choice of colors as in
steps 1 and 2 and prop ball upside down in a paper cup to drain, let dry

- for variagted, irregular marbling, drop in one color of paint, swirl,
then add another color. Contiune adding or repeating colors and swirling
until the entire ball is coated on the inside. Follow step 3.

In another book they used the clear plastic balls and the instructions for
that was clean inside with vinegar. Place two or three dime side spots of
all paints in ball. Close ball and slowly turn to cover all areas. When
surface is covered open ball and draing out excess paint. Slowly blow dry
with hair dryer utnil paint forms a skin. Set aside and let dry for 12
hours. Reseal ball glue trim around seal and decorate top with ribbon
flowers or whatever you would like.


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