Teddy Bear Angels

Last Christmas I made Angel Teddy Bears as gifts and sold some at craft shows. I bought a stuffed jointed teddy bear in the craft dept. of WalMart (about 10" standing). Made wings from a beige crochet doily bought at Michaels (about an 8"-10" round or change the size to the size of your bear). Stiffened the wings with fabric stiffener (Stiffy?).

Spread out on a sheet of wax paper and pinched in the middle to form wing shape. You may want to hold the pinch together with a clothspin while drying. After the wings are dry, I tied a piece of 1/8" gold ribbon around the pinched center of wings and then tied the wings in back of teddy around his neck. I tied a big bow with wired-edged velvet ribbon around his neck for a cute and elegant bow tie. For the halo, I used a small(3"?) grapevine wreath that I wound a piece of gold small star garland around.

Placed it on his head and tacked in place with a couple stiches with a needle and thread in the back to secure it on. I thought they turned out quite cute. It was an inexpensive and cute gift for teachers, bus drivers, gymnastics coach, etc. Hope you like this idea.
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