Xmas Wrapped Satin Balls

Posted by LYNDA VAN SCHEYNDEL on July 11, 1997 at 22:31:08:

Recycling Xmas Satin Balls

Tie string on hanger of ball, use a sponge or brush to cover with modge-podge or white glue, cover with glitter, hang to dry, repeat this step once more, third step is to put one more coat of white glue on ball to seal it, hang to dry once more.
When dry, remove string and add a ribbon to hang ball with,add flowers to cover ribbon joint and you have a glitter ball.

Another procedure is to follow directions up to covering with white glue, then dip into potpourri, you may have to touch up after the drying time,but you will have a beautiful "victorian ball" I try to buy these old satin balls at garage sales all year round at a low price, modge-podge is more expensive than white glue and it does the same thing.
If the glue semms too thick water it down slightly.
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