Santa Ornament

I saw a Santa ornament in a craft store yesterday that was made using a small terra cotta flower pot and a paper mache ornament. The paper mache ornament was actually just half of a ball. About 1/4 or less of the half-ball was glued just inside one area of the flower pot rim (with the flat back facing in and the round to the outside). So, if you turned the pot upside down the ball was hanging down like a round face. The pot was then painted like santa's hat with raised edge of the pot painted with
the snow texture paint. The round ball was painted as the face and beard.
I hope this all makes some sense. The only thing is that it seemed to be kind of heavy.
**/____\ <<< upside down flower pot
***.( )<<< weird looking paper mache ball
***.( )<< this will be the rounded part

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