Santa Light bulb

Use burned out light bulb: Spray bulb with white flat paint.
Turn bulb with part you screw into socket up, this will be the hat, spray paint bulb add wooden button plug for nose(glue to bulb), paint
flesh for face.

Paint 2" tall U shape for face;
For beard and hair, paint remaining areas with white.
Dry brush cadet grey and blue mist for dimension. Dry brush cheeks and
top of nose bright red. Paint ovals with white, allowing white to show
at sides, paint inner eyes Periwinkle blue and highlight bottom of
eyes with commas and dots. Paint mustache.
Outline eyes and draw eyelashes with black. With red paint mouth and top part of light bulb that screws into
socket for his hat. Glue fur around bottom of hat just above face,
and a pom pom to top. To hang tie cord around base of hat. tie ends
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