Reindeer Pin

...You will be making just the reindeer head.

You use a 2 1/2"(or so) primitive wooden heart (the long skinny kind),that is 3/16" thick.
Paint it brown.
Add the eyes, I usually paint on two white dots, close together and addtiny black dots to make it look like he is looking to the side.
For the nose, use a flathead plug (the kind they use to cover screw holes in furniture) which is 5/16" wide. Paint it red, and glue it to the center of the face, just under the eyes.
Spray with clear varnish.(I use a matte finish)

For the antlers, I use 18 guage black wire which I twist around a thin paint brush to make it curly. I think I use 4" or so for each antler.
Drill two small holes at the top of the heart, one on each of the "humps".
Put one end of each wire through each hole, so the antlers kind of stick up and out from the head, glue to the back of the heart. I usually add a pin back, but have also added a loop of jute at the top to make it an

They are cute, inexpensive,and you can make a bunch at a time, quickly.
I made them for a craft fair last fall, and they sold really well at $2.00 each. I hope my instructions aren't too confusing.

Happy crafting!

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