Antique Adornment Christmas Ornament

- Materials:
1-80mm Clear Plastic Ball,
1-4" Natural Pineapple Doily,
4 yards-1/8" Mauve Satin Ribbon,
1/4 yard-1/16" Mauve satin Ribbon,
8-1" Mauve Rosebuds,
Small Amount Bleached Gyp,
Small Amount Natural Statice,
Doily Stiffener,
#12 Flat Brush, glue (Hot glue recommended).

1) Wire six rosebuds together with one in center and five
around it. Cut stems. Fill in with small pieces of statice and gyp.
Glue this in bottom of one half of ball. Close ball and glue
1/8" mauve satin ribbon around seam.

2) Cut the center from doily and put center top piece of
plastic ball through hole. Using a flat paint brush, paint doily with doily
stiffener. Allow to dry.

3) Make two 3-1/2" loopy bows using 1/8" mauve satin ribbon. Attach both
bows to either side at top of ornament.

4) Place a 1" rosebud in center of each bow.
Using small pieces of gyp and statice, fill in all around bows.

5) Make a 2-1/2" loopy bow from 1/8" mauve satin ribbon
and glue at bottom center of ornament. Glue small pieces of statice
and gyp to center of this bow.

6) Using a 7" length of 1/16" mauve ribbon, form a loop
in top center knotting ends for hanger.

- Supplies:
100mm crystal ball,
2" resin turkey,
6-3/4" brass wire stand,
Two fall floral picks (mum/pumpkin/nuts),
Fall silk maple leaves,
Hot glue gun & wire cutters.

1) Using wire cutters, cut off wire stems
from both fall floral picks.

2) Hot glue one pick in the bottom on the inside of the crystal ball.

3) Glue resin turkey on the top of pick.

4) Hot glue ball together and attach second pick to bottom of ball on
the outside.

5) Add maple leaves.

6) Hand finished ball on brass wire stand.


- Supplies:
80mm crystal ball or 100mm crystal egg,
Four 1/4" pink ribbon roses,
1" beige pom pom,
5" bunny parts,
12" piece 1/8" double-faced satin ribbon,
8" piece 2" double ruffled lace,
6" piece 3/4" double edge flat lace,
12"piece of 2.5mm strung pink pearls,
Pastel colored mint candies,
Hot glue gun.

1) Fill ball with mints and put a small amount of hot glue on seam of ball.

2) Take 8" piece of double ruffled lace and hot glue at top of ball
gathering lace around loop. Hot glue bunny head on top of lace.

3) Hot glue 3/4" flat lace around each ankle. glue 2.5mm stung pearls around
ankle in center of lace. Attach ribbon rose to center on top of pearls.

4) Hot glue each leg to sides of ball.

5) Wrap 2.5mm pearls around wrists and glue arms to sides of ball.

6) Using 1/8" ribbon, tie bunnies ears together and make a bow.
Hot glue ribbon rose to center of bow. Tie a small bow and ot glue under
bunnies chin. Hot glue ribbon rose to center of bow.


- Supplies:
80mm crystal ball,
Candy corn,
3" abaca spider web w/spider,
Hot glue gun.

1) Fill half of ball with candy corn.

2) Place spider web on top of candy corn. (The wire sides of the web might
need to be bent slightly to fit inside ball because the webs vary.)

3) Secure spider to web with hot glue.

4) Place second half of ball on top of filled half.
A small amount of hot glue on seam can be used to glue ball shut.

- Supplies:
100mm Crystal Egg,
5" Straw hat,
Scraps of Green and Orange Felt,
Black Tulip Fabric Paint,
12" Piece of 1/4" Yellow Ribbon,
Mini Silk Fall Leaves,
Hot Glue Gun.

1) cut out 2 triangles for eyes about 1/2" wide and high, and cut 1 circle
about the size of a dime from felt. Glue in place.

2) Using black fabric paint, paint stitch lines on
crystal egg, (that will be in the middle of the face from top to bottom).

3) Make a bundle of 50 strands of raffia 10 inches long.
Use one strand and tie bundle in center.

4) Drape bundle of raffia over top of egg and spread strands around head and
trim front for bangs. Hot glue strands to egg.
5) hot glue ribbon around
crown of hat and add fall leaves in front. Attach hat to top of Scarecrow's


Plastic form sheets,
1-1/2" thick: 3"x15" and 3"x9", Balsam pine-cosmos sprays with
Silk holly with berries,
Red ornament balls with 3/4" top opening, 3" diameter, five, Red/Green plaid
taffeta ribbon, 1-3/8" wide, 2-2/3 yards,
Floral moss,
Green floral stickum,
Greening pins,
Craft wire.
Wire cutters,
Tacky craft glue,

1) Make the base:
Glue small foam sheet to center top of large foam sheet.
To make spaces for ornaments, use teaspoon to hollow out three round
shallow wells, evenly spaces, in top center of small foam sheet,
hollow out two wells on large sheet, one on each side of small sheet.
Apply Stickum to bottom of each ornament, press one ornament into each well.
Cover exposed foam on top and sides of base with moss; secure moss with
greening pins.

2) Decorate the base:
Cut balsam pine sprays into 12 stems. Dip ends of
stems into glue and insert into foam as shown. Cut holly spray into several
small stems. Dip ends of stems into glue and insert into foam between pine
sprays. Cut one 1 yard length of ribbon; cut ribbon ends at a sland.
Drape ribbon along front of base, securing to foam base with greening pins.

Cut one 2/3 yard length of ribbon; form a two-loop bow with 2" loops and
two 4" streamers. Twist wire around center of bow. Cut ribbon ends at a
slant. Insert one greening pin through center of bow; dip ends of pin in
glue. Insert pin and bow into foam at center front of base. With remaining
ribbon, form a two-loop bow with 2" loop and two long streamers; twist
wire around center of bow. Cut ribbon ends at a slant.

Attach bow to center back of base in same way as first bow. Drape streamers
of bow along back of base, securing to foam base with greening pins. To test
for fit, insert one candle into each ornament; trim candle if necessary.

Candle should slide completely into ornament so bottom of candle rests on
inside bottom of ornament. Attach stickum to bottom of each candle. Insert
one candle into each ornament; press bottom of candle gently in place on
inside of ornament.

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