I taught my three neighbor children to make these Christmas ornaments using
beads and pipe cleaners.

Candy Canes

All you need is white pipe cleaner and tri-beads. ( I use 11mm in emerald,
ruby, and crystal.) Cut a pipe cleaner in half, bend one end down to make
a stop to hold on the beads. Then have you child place the beads on until
the pipe cleaner is full. Bend the other end to hold them secure and
shape into a candy cane.


Same as the candy canes, exept bend into a full circle. You may want to
add a bow for trimming. (For these, I use only the emerald toned beads
and add a thin red bow to the top.

These ornaments can be tied with ribbon and hung to the tree, or laced
onto packages. Can also be made into magnets by hot gluing one small
piece of magnet to either end to hold it.

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