Cross Made From Tree Bark:

Cut out size of cross you want to make from posterboard,
wood, etc.... I used posterboard..
Glue with hot glue, can use a craft glue if you have time for it to dry.
Cover entire area with tree bark, arranged so cross will look nice.
Large flat pieces make prettier crosses.
After you have covered entire area take twist ribbon, or ribbon of your
choice, but use wide ribbon.

Take and wrap over cross from one side to other to form X , on front of cross.
Glue edges down on back.
Add dried flowers and small bow to front.
Use ribbon on back to make a hanger or coke poptop medal piece off
of used coke cans. Make great hangers.
I used this same idea to make a cross, and covered it with puzzle pieces,
sprayed painted the entire thing white then covered it in glue and
sprinkled on colored sand.

Added a card with saying:

The cross I kneel at the foot of,
belongs to my Savior in heaven above...

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