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Bible Cake

This recipe takes a lot of research so make sure you allow
enough time for hunting the amounts before baking. A double check is wise!
Find out the number of sons Zebedee had with him while mending the nets and you will have the number of cups of brown sugar to use.

Take the number of camels Abraham's oldest servant took
on his journey to find Rebekah for a wife for Isaac and subtract
the number of letters of an apostle to whom it is said:

"Behold an Israelite in whom is no guile," and you will have the
number of cups of sweet milk to use.

Take the number of loaves and divide the number of fishes when Jesus fed the 5000.
This will give you the exact number of flour in cups to use.

To find out the number of eggs, you take the number of days Paul stayed with Pulius at Melita.
They must be well beaten.
Add the number of years Joshua lived to the number of years he was sent by Moses to spy the land.

When you subtract this number from the number of fishes the disciples caught in the sea of Tiberias you have the amount of baking powder in spoons.

Last but not least, find out what Herod had sworn he would give the daughter of Herodias, then take 2 cups and fill each with the given promise and you have the correct amount of each butter and lard. || quick & easy crafts || bible crafts

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