baby Jesus in a manger

Posted by Colleen on November 13,

Tree Trims;
Baby Jesus in a manger.
One very small grapevine wreath, spanish moss,
wooden star,craft wire, small piece of muslin,wooden button plug, and piece of twine.
Draw two dot eyes and a mouth on button plug for face, glue to peice of fabric wrap it like you would a baby with face showing.
Tie twine around fabric like it is a blanket.
Place moss inside wreath.
This is the bed Place baby Jesus that you just made in the bed coil craft wire knot it to the side of the reath so it is standing upright.
Glue star to top of the wire.
Bend the wire with star so that it is shining above the baby.

Dog Biscuit trim;
One large dog biscuit, one red pompom, brown pipecleaner,
2 wiggly eves, piece of xmas ribbon.
Glue eyes to top middle of biscuit glue pompom for nose, make antlers out
of pipecleaners and glue to sides of back of head.
Glue ribbon around back of biscuit coming forward crossing in front for
Add twine for hangers and hang on presents or tree. || quick & easy crafts || bible crafts

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