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pinecone wreath by craftpals:
Date: 2005/4/26.

-you will need pinecones-about 50-60 medium size
-hot glue
-wire wreath
-nuts and small pinecones to fill holes
-hanger - wire, cord, ribbon, pipecleaner etc.
-ribbon for bow or other things to decorate your wreath
-spray sealer or varnish- if you want your pinecones shiny

To sterilize and open your pinecones;
Line a cookie sheet with foil, spread your pinecones on it and cook them at low heat.

Tie a hanger for your wreath.
Let your pinecones cool and shove them in as on the picture. This is rough on your hands so maybe you would like to do this using garden gloves.
I work on both sides of the wreath at the same time.

When your wreath is full of pinecones, flip over your wreath and hot glue all the pinecones where they touch for extra strength.

Fill in all holes with pinecones, baby's breath, holiday flowers etc.

If you like the shinny look, you may spray your wreath with varnish.

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