Wishing Well

Norma Lacey posted in the CraftPals Weddings BB
Dated : January 29, 1999
Subject: Re: Wishing Well

I too have made a wishing well for weddings but mine had nothing to do with the cake.

I took an ice cream bucket two dowels card board and lots of ruffled laces and satin or other pretty fabric.
Did it all with glue gun no sewing involved.
Wrap the bucket first with a very thin batting to give some softness to the bucket then with the satin.
Wrap a layer or two of ruffled lace around the rim.
Cut hole in the lid on each side for the dowels and a rectangular hole.
Cover lid same as pail adjusting for the holes.
Wrap dowels with a satin ribbon full length.
Glue card board to make a peak like a roof.

Cover with batting then fabric and if you wish layer some ruffled lace here too then glue onto the dowels.
You can use the same laces and bits of color from the wedding ensemble.
I used little roses in those colors. It was extremely effective.
The wishing well was placed near the bar and from what I heard the donations and change added up considerably.
I considered making a larger one out of boxes that could be rented out by the week.
It would be a standard all white peice but for the different weddings you can customize it with their own colors.
Just stitch lightly instead of glue for easy removal later.But after the wedding veil problem I had I never did do it. But it's an interesting idea don't you think? Hope someone can use this idea.

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