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Dated : April 11, 1999 at 20:07:36
Subject: Here you go....

One idea involves using beautiful rice papers either as inserts or "torn" into rectangles, glues loosely on the front of a personalized invitation, then gluing the printed invitation or your names etc. on top of it. That's the front; inside is the actual wording for the invitation. Instead of folding the paper in half, cut the edge that folds over with deckle scissors (any craft store) and run a gold/silver, whatever marker across the cut edge (like wiping it along the edge, not drawing a line) and folding 3/4 of the way over. Nice effect.

One I did, I used a heavy bond ivory paper with brown speckles on it. The bride dried tiny fern leaves, flowers, etc, and I used 3M spray glue and glued them to the edge of the invitation that is exposed by the fold not going all the way over (on the inside, but showing on the front...) For the RSVP cards, we used matching business cards, printed them and, again, sprayed and glued a tiny fern frond or flower on. Very classy!

What you're doing is using "sealing wax" to close the paper, and it's a nice idea! Just one word of caution: unless you're using real sealing wax (art supply store), things like crayon or candle wax MAY not stick to the paper, believe it or not. Test first. It's not expensive to get your new monogram put on a stamp, as most business supply stores can do this!

Another nice addition is to use a stamp and embossing ink and powders. Find a nice stamp (Or get your monogram put on a rubber stamp at Business Depot or whatever), stamp with the clear embossing ink, dust with embossing powder (gold/silver,coloured), brush off any excess, and heat over a stove element. Not too close and only until you see the powder bubbling! It turns out like real metallic embossing and it's permanent!

Well, hope these help! It's past my bedtime! If you need anything else, let me know! Have fun, Lynne!

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