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Dated : March 04, 1999
Subject: I love this theme!

How great will this be, hm?!!
I think it's a great idea of Jill's to pick up a few movies of that era (the original "Father of The Bride") would be a good start, altho' that may have been in the 50's, but it may help also! Just remember the era and the time ( a war was either on or just finishing [you could determine this in your theme], there were no "nylons", so this would be a cute "favour" for the ladies...use them make up as "flowers"!:you may have to explain this favour with a card tucked in;-), this was also the era of Marathon Dances, and perhaps prizes could be given out to the couple who can "jive" the longest! Invite guests to dress also! I'd love to pull out my Mom's seamed nylons with the little rinestones on the back! (maybe not: I'd replicate it!)It would be nice to have a new "swing band" perform, but if not, could your DJ also dress up and play swing tunes?

As or flowers, roses,roses,roses:
large bouquets and red roses was the preferred colour with simple arm bouquets used and white ribbon with long streamers and narrow ribbons hangind with 12 knots in them with a rose bud tucked in each one. Vintage patterns seem to be popping into normal pattern catalogues in fabric stores, so be on the look-out (sweet-heart necklines, gathered bodices, empire waistlines, simple a-lines (remember: shortage of fabrics, therefore short skirts?) altho' BM gowns were still long. Netting was used as wraps, and many had sequins sewn onto them (now use a craft glue that dries clear: I admit it: I like Aleene's best)in a random pattern all over it (very flattering!): these netting scarves matched the outfits:the Bride's could be really spectacular!
Other important flowers were the huge chrysanthimum (one floating in a bowl with or without candle would be lovely for a centre-piece), and plenty of ferns as fillers (not the exotic ones we have today). Keep your make-up themed:narrow brows,high-cheek blush,red lips (you'd probably want to modify this), and find a hair stylist who can give "finger-wave" styles and other 30's styles! They also made use of fluffy ostrich feathers (they're cultivated now, and sold by milleners) in the hair or used as veil-headpieces (very fluffy, curled onto themselves like waves, and sprinkled with sequins and pearls). Speaking of pearls, these were the necklaces of choice for Brides'Maids, as well as bracelets and drop pearl earrings. Crystal was also popular (your Mom's probably have collections of crystal necklaces!!Raid their jewellery boxes for coloured crystal sets!!!!)To get away from that irritating "glass tinkling to kiss" thing, ask your guests to name a 40's tune or song and try to sing it!=)))) those movies and pick the best, make notes and re-create a fun era (at least after the war!)!
Hope these little thoughts help! Lynne!

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