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Dated : August 01, 1999 at 22:57:53
Subject: Re: veil

Do You have a serger?
I have made many veils using the serger for lovely finishes.
You can use a metallic or irridecsent thread.
I have also used thicker fishing line to give a scallopped edge shape.
They can be attatched to something as simple as a white comb and worn on the back of the head or attached to a hairband with roses glued on it.

I have also made lovely headpieces using the stems off atrificial flowers.
Sounds sily but turns out so nice. Take two or three long stems and twist them together to form a circle.
Decide here how large you want it and if you are wearing it low on the head or high on to of the head. Adjust to fit.
Now wrap with satin ribbon all the way around.
You can make this thin or rewrap to the thickness desired.
Now glue ribbon roses or other flowers where you want them.
For the touille decide if it's one layer or several.
Touille is very wide so take advantage of this fack if you want a ruffled one.
Cut the touille on the bias.
It does stretch some straight across but if you want very scallopped edges the bias is your best bet.

Practice with the serger for the amount of stretch you need.
Remember to hold the touille taught without pushing or pulling it through, both in front and in back of the needle.
You have the serger set on rolled hem for this with your fancy thread in the top looper.
You can use it in the bottom too for more of the color but the top is all you really need since this thread is expensive.
You can do this too on your sewing machine using a fine narrow zigag.
This is where I've used the fishing line since it's easier to hold close to the edge as you sew.
You can do it with the serger but it's too easy to cut the line.
You can do all four edges this way and then decide if you want some puff sticking up over the white band.
I usually like about an inch high.
Now baste by hand or for nice uniform gathering use the longest stitch on your machine.
Decide here if you want it all in the back or to come around to the sides of the band close to your ears. Gather fairly tight

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Dated : June 22, 1999 at 02:27:33
Subject: Repost of detachable veil directions...

I posted these before, quite awhile ago. Might they be the ones you lost???
While making custom brides' headdresses I would make the veil detachable so the bride could enjoy her headdress in reasonable comfort.

I would attach "spots" of the soft side of velcro to the INSIDE of the headstall so the loops would not abraid the hair.

The veil was gathered onto twill tape with a thin, long piece of stiff looped velcro which attached to the underside of the headstall.

The veil was secure ~ even the cathedral length ~ until the bride chose to remove it.

The flowers across the back of the headstall formed a base for the velcro and looked quite nice when the veil was removed.

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