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Lynne posted in the CraftPals Weddings BB
Dated : March 04, 1999
Subject: Maybe it's just me today....

As I've had a busy one, or just my warped sense of humour, but I really think that, considering they don't really have a theme, you could make use of the fact that they were married in Vegas!
You could go as classy or as tacky (in the nicest fun sense of the word) as you'd like. I like the second, so here's what I'd do: the whole theme would involve casinos/gambling (isn't marriage just that?)/hearts (like those in a deck of cards), etc.

There are balloons out there with card illustrations on them that would really set the theme! Deck everything out in black/white/red/(and gold). If the reception is in a hall, use the usual white table cloths, but purchase fabric (inexpensive cotton) that has a card theme and use in the centre of the tables;make paper-roll napkin holders, covering them in red and gluing dice on the tops (or black/gold with red paper napkins);if guests want the couple to kiss, use a pair of those large fuzzy dice in the middle of the dance floor: they must roll a 7 or 11 for the couple to kiss!;real playing cards can be glued together in "playing hands" and hung with mono-line from the ceiling or placed in slit 1/2ping-pong balls for centre-pieces or place-card holders;paper top-hats inverted on the tables can be filled with cinnamon hearts for nibbling or place a small pot of mums in them for centrepieces; place an arch at the entrance with white mini-lights and red tulle with a sign above "Chapel O' Love";invite guests to have fun dressing like "high-rollers" or "very low rollers (ie:lost all $$$);if you will be using a presentation box, make it a chapel of love or a top-hat (construct a large one out of black bristol board and tuck a few playing cards into the trim. I won't go on in case you hate the idea already; but I think you can take this as far as you want ;-) or keep it mild.

If you go for an elegant Vegas look, use gold/white: make use of lots of mini-lights (borrow from friends and make a list to return them!) even battery operated ones for centre-pieces on the tables (piled in netting around a glass bowl with a floating candle);use cherubs (inexpensive plastic gold ones or paint) everywhere, even stamping cupids on placecards and napkin rings then using gold embossing powder; this will all create more of a "Caesar's Palace" type of theme: I believe many party shops also have those paper chandeliers that are usually reserved for New Years:they unfold and look very cute hanging from the ceiling if you can persuade them to order them (they DO exist) or dig them out of their back rooms! Hang these from the ceilings for a very romantic look; or, use metallic gold/pearl white helium balloons with long metallic curling ribbons:float these over the tables and it would look very elegant (tie tulle bows with long tails to the cluster for an even more romantic look)!
Well, I hope these help a little! It's only based on their wedding site, but I think it would be nice to bring all the guests "to Vegas"!
Have fun! Lynne!

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