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Dated : February 18, 1999
Subject: As for something different...

Hi, Joanne!
Actually I've got quite a few ideas as far as showers "stuffed" into a file here,so if you haven't heard of these types of showers, I'll list them for you and maybe it'll help:

Round-the Clock Shower (on the invitation the guests are given a time of day:
ex 8pm and are asked to bring a gift appropriate to that time of day)

Kitchen Shower:
takes many forms, but my favourite is asking the guests to write their favourite (no fail) recipes on cards you've provided for them and giving a gift that will assist in preparing one of the recipies (ie: ingredients, pans, bowls etc) You collect the recipes at the shower and place them in a recipe box and present them to the bride! Ask her Mother, future MOH and Grandmothers to prepare as many cards as they wish to enclose that the bride may have enjoyed in the past or should learn to prepare for her FH!)

Round-the World Shower:
ask the guests to pick a country (try not to duplicate), and supply the bride with a recipie book and/or cooking utensils for a particular recipie (ie: Italy=Lasagna+pan)

Honeymoon Shower:
special lingerie, not to mention bed linens, massagers, oils, bubbles, fragrances etc.

Holiday Shower (I love this one!): Ask guests to bring gifts for a particular holiday: Christmas, Easter linens, New Year's Eve champagne flutes etc

My Room Shower:
each guest picks or is assigned a room of the home to purchase a gift for.

Hobby Shower:
depending on the couple's interests, gardening stuff, handy-man/woman tools (include band-aids!), etc

Teacup Shower:
ask each guest to purchase a teacup/saucer of their china pattern; when the bride sets out a tea service, she'll have a lovely story about her tea set!
Saturday Night at the Movies Shower: ask each guest to purchase their favourite romantic (or not) video for the couple and perhaps an appropriate snack/wine to accompany it (or items used to prepare the snack)! (you may want to screen out duplicates before the shower)

Gourmet Shower:
the unusual kitchen items/cooking magazine subscriptions,cookbooks,linens

Stock the Bar Shower:
all and everything for the bar from tongs to ice-buckets! Nice for guests to bring their favourite bottle of wine!
That's all I can find (literally!) for now, but I know there's more hiding here somewhere...but where...
Do you need new game ideas? Got some of those, too! Just let me know!


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