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Lynne posted in the CraftPals Weddings BB
Dated : February 25, 1999
Subject: What I do...

Are you referring to the box at the reception for the presentation envelopes?
If so, here's what I did: I use those heavy xyrox boxes, or any nice, heavy box and paint it white if it requires it, then I cover it with a good heavy brocade fabric (sometimes very inexpensive "pieces" sold in fabric stores in the drapery dept, can be sort-of fabric-backed) using a decoupage medium as the glue. Oops: first cut a nice wide slit in the top of the box.

Then use braided trims, acrylic pearls, fluffy bows, flowers etc to trim the box.
It looks very elegant and makes a beautiful presentation box!
Regarding centre-pieces, there are as many ideas as there are weddings!
Perhaps you can give us an idea of the theme of the wedding, colours, etc, what types of materials you'd like to use: ie, candles, florals, topiaries...

Hope this helps, Lynne!

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