ringbearer's pillow

Lynne posted in the CraftPals Weddings BB
Dated : January 14, 1999
Subject: Cute idea I just heard about...

I've never done this craft myself, but my girlfriend says it was easy! Altho' she used it for a baby quilt, I think it'd be great for a wedding!

Briefly here's the idea:
for the ringbearer's pillow (or, a treasure chest which I prefer doing), use a product called "Photo Transfer Medium" and transfer a photocopy of your engagement photo or the text of your wedding invitation onto the fabric that you'll be using for the pillow or the treasure box.
If you have the original photo centred on decorative bordered paper, both can be transfered to the fabric! Get imaginative with colours, trims, ruffles: no one is insisting that white is the ONLY colour for these projects, right?

After the wedding, it'll be a beautiful riminder of your special day!
Oh: just one other thing: if my Brides bring back the pillow (usually the little ring-bearer is quite happy with another gift!) and her silk bouquet, I use the flowers from her bouquet and make an arrangement and attach it to the pillow front.
Then they usually plop this on their beds! Or some just prefer a dining/bedroom flower arrangment!
Just a thought...Lynne

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