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Mi'Shelle posted in the CraftPals Weddings BB
Dated : February 10, 1999
Subject: Re: wedding favors
Do you know about the roses filled with bird seed? Those are really nice.

Also, I did a balloon launch. I made little forms for each ribbon tied on to a balloon.
On it I put:
Please help add to the memories of our wedding day.
Fill out the requested information, and mail to the P.O. Box below.
With your help, out wedding day will be one to remember.

The form stated:
City where found:________________
Date found:_______________

Please mail to:-----------------
Thank you for your time and generosity.

Of course, I did not have time to actually put the forms on the ribbon, so we had a formless balloon launch.
I also had a "Thank you for your presence" poem I printed on pretty flowerdy paper.
I "scrolled" these up and put a little ring around it.
These can be placed on the tables. Extra ones can be put in a basket by the door or something.
Good luck!!
God bless,

Linda S posted Message 1372 in the CraftPals Weddings BB
Dated : June 03, 1999 at 17:49:57

Subject: Re: Help getting married(need wedding favors)
i have patterns for little boxes (triangle and square shapes) that you make out of linen card stock they are made flat with flaps that fold up to the top and tie with a ribbon bow.
The flaps are cut with decorative edge scissors (scallops).
You can put a couple of hersheys kisses in them...they are very elegant can use wide ribbon, or the thin craft ribbon that comes 4 spools for a dollar when on sale, or even curling ribbon.
The linen card stock costs about $11 for a ream of 250 get 2 or 3 boxes on a sheet of paper depending on which shape you are using..
I also have a pattern for some elegant looking 3 dimensional white doves--made of the same card stock.
They are cut out flat, then folded in half at the neck and the wings are curved up underneath and come back out thru slits in the body...
You tie a ribbon around the neck of the dove and can add a little tag with your names etc on them,

Linda S. posted Message 1373 in the CraftPals Weddings BB
Dated : June 03, 1999 at 17:58:29
Subject: Re: Help getting married(need wedding favors)

Another very inexpensive idea, is ROCKS...sounds silly but find smooth rocks about the size of a silver dollar.
Get one of those elegant gold or silver pens. make sure the rocks are clean or purchase some in bulk.
One one side print in large letters words like LOVE, FAITH, HOPE, JOY, HAPPINESS, etc..
on the other side write your names and the date...
Your only expense is the pen if you find the rocks in your neighborhood someplace...
or the cost of the rocks if you buy them...they arent that expensive.
Another idea is look in your garden and that of your they have things like ivy?
If so you might cut some ivy starts (place in water so they start to root).
Then transfer to little pots, tie a bow around the pots...
If pots are not in the budget, than a day or two before the wedding
lay a square or circle of tulle or other fabric out, place a square or circle of clear plastic inside it..
add a mound of dirt and the ivy..gather the tulle around it and tie with ribbon..put a tag on the ribbon.

Rebecca -CONGRATULATIONS!!! posted Message 1382 in the CraftPals Weddings BB
Dated : June 07, 1999 at 21:37:20
Subject: Re: Help getting married(need wedding favors)

an elegant wedding favor is a ribbon rose that holds mints inside the bud. You will need:
-Floral wire (for Stem) -2 1/2 inch stiff ribbon (petals)
-tulle (to wrap mints) -green florists tape
-white dinner mints -silk leaves
Using 2 1/2 inch wide ribbon (satin look is best)

cut three pieces @6 1/2 inches long. Fold middle on an angle (resembles a "v" shape. Fold "v" in half (now you have what resembles an arrow?) with point facing up you should have flat edge on the bottom. gather bottom edge "accordian like" and staple bottom together. you now have 1 petal.(Repeat, as each rose will have 3 petals.)

Wrap 2 mints in tulle and use florists tape to tape onto wire(stem) don't cut tape! covet one petal at a time around mints(slightly overlapping each petal as you go) and tightly tape around bottom of petal to wire. Don't cut tape! you should have a rose bud- I hope! (this is hard to explain without diagrams, so I hope you're with me here) wrap floral tape part way down stem,add leaf and wrap tape to end of wire. Good luck

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