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Catherine posted in the CraftPals Weddings BB
Dated : February 05, 1999
Subject: Re: Need fairytale theme ideas please!

Hi Kimberly,
Don't know if you have favors yet, but the first idea that came to mind was giving out Goldenbooks stories about fairytales or characters.
They aren't that expensive, about $.59 a piece (or 2 for a $1.00), and you could put them in some pretty paper.

You could also buy some beautiful books about fairytales or your favorite story and use these as centerpieces.
Along with these you could place a poem in a frame (that you either give to people who helped you or keep for your wedding photos) explaining you are going to donate the books to your library, children's shelter, or local elementary school.
It would be a beautiful legacy of your special day.

Maybe you could save some for future children if you plan on any.
If you used this centerpiece idea, you could use the books to name the table after if "assigning tables and seats".
Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Beauty in the Beast...You could use the various characters from these books on place cards, favors, etc... Not sure if this is what you had in mind, but I hope it helps.

Catherine (and Christopher)

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