Lynne posted in the CraftPals Weddings BB
Dated : January 09, 1999
Subject: centre-pieces

For centre-pieces, consider spray-painting a tree branch (or leaving it plain), inserting it into florist foam into a heart-shaped bottle or ceramic mold.
Use those Valentine candies with all those cute sayings on them, and glue two identical shapes together with ribbon in between for hanging.
Hang these from the trees, and use on the tables.
Other little items such as cinnamon hearts, cherubs etc can also be hung from the trees.

Also using those candies with the sayings, glue two same shapes together with small white candy sticks in the middle.
Wrap like lollipops, tie a ribbon around, and place on the napkins, or insert them into foam covered with moss, flowers for a centrepiece.
Use royal icing as "glue", and they remain edible!
Hope these help!
I do weddings, so if you need more ideas, let me know!

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