Kitchen towel


Crochet cotton,red or your color choice.
Steel hook size 7. One button, 5/8"inches in diameter.
One large holiday, or any type of kitchen towel design.
Measurments:edging:1 in wide.

Directions:With righ side of washcloth facing, starting in upper left hand corner, working through the fabric edge, dc closely and evenly (approx. 10 sts per inch around all edges, working 3 dc in each corner, turn.

TOP EDGE-Row1:* Dec 1 dc in next 2 sts *, rep from * to * across, turn. Rows 2-5:Dc in each dc across, working 5 evenly spaced dec, turn. Rows 6-10:dc in each dc across, working 3 evenly spaced dec, turn. Continue to dec one dc at each end of all rows until 16 sts remain. Work even on 16 sts for 3 3/4 inches or more. NEXT ROW:Dc in first 6 dc, ch 4 (buttonhole), skip 4 dc, dc in last 6 dc, turn.

NEXT ROW:Dc in first 6 dc, 4 dc in loop, dc in last 6 dc, turn. LAST ROW:Dec 1 dc in first 2 sts, dc in each dc across to within last 2 sts, dec 1 dc in last 2 sts. Break off thread and fasten.

EDGING-Row 1:With right side facing, attach thread in first dc of first rnd made around entire washcloth, sc in same dc, * ch 4, skip 2 dc, sc in next dc *, rep from * to * around, ending with ch 2, dc in corresponding dc at upper right corner, turn. Row2:*Ch 4, sc in next loop *, rep from * to * around, ending with ch 2, dc in first sc of previous row. Break off thread and fasten. Sew button in place.

Kitchen Towel
1 towel about 14 x 24 inches.
Be sure towel has complete design on both ends--it makes 2 towels.
1 oz. 4-ply yarn in colors to blend with towel.
size 6 steel crochet hook.
size G crochet hook.

Zig zag or sew 2 lines across the center of the towel, dividing the two designs. Cut between the sewing.

ROW1: Using the #6 steel hook, sc across cut top of towel. Make the sts about 1/4 inch apart. Ch 3, turn.
ROW2: Change to size G hook, dc in every st across row. Ch 3, turn.
ROW3: Dc in every other dc across row. Ch 3, turn.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until only 6-8 sts remain for desired width. Dc in every dc for 8-10 rows. Fasten off, weave in ends. Optional "nice touch" - on last row, ch 1 between middle dcs to create a gap.
Sew a button on inside front on bottom row of 6-8 dc. No buttonhole is needed; button will go between center dcs (or gap that you created with the ch 1).

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