Yarn Pekinese Dog

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Dated : September 20, 1998 at 00:48:36
Subject: Yarn Pekinese Dog--Instructions

######WOW, I've been thinking and thinking how to write instructions for this cute little dog.
It is basically very simple, so if the instructions make it sound difficult, it will be because I'm trying to give you a mental picture without using diagrams (which would really make the whole idea so easy).

###First I will try to describe the dog, in hopes of helping to give a mental image. There could be many ways of making the actual base for the body and head.

Dog, general appearance: The head and body are covered with a thick long fringe, which is sewn on from end to end. This fringe hangs down to the base and extends out away from the body to look like pekinese hair. The nose, chin whiskers and moustache are attached at the front of the head. The tail is made by making a small, narrow strip of fringe; and a small wire is woven through it so the tail will stand up when it is attached to the body.

-Body base: It is like a cylinder cut in half lengthwise (more about this basic shape later,in the actual instructions . The flat part of the 1/2 cylinder will be the base of the dog, with the rounded part being the dog's back.

-Head: It is a spherical shape.
-Hair: Made of yarn made into fringe that is very thickly sewn, so it will cover the base of the dogs body.
-Nose: is made of two bunches of yarn, one bunch looped over the other bunch, this shapes the nose

####All of that said, I'm worried about how much room each post is allowed here, so will close this here and start a new post for the instructions. Catch you on the next page Bonny (Granny)

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Subject: Re: Yarn Pekinese Dog--Instructions part 2

###The boards aren't letting me make corrections tonight. Correction: the fringe is sewn (or glued if you prefer) to the dog's back, not to the base. NOTE: It is possible to glue this whole thing together if you prefer not to sew.

#####Instructions for an 8" X 3" Pekinese Dog

-Yarn, 1 skein, in your choice of color
-Fabric in matching color, approx: 18" X 18" (this could be felt too.)
-Cardboard or plastic, etc. for base 8" X 3"
-Sewing thread, in matching color (or glue)
-Felt matching color,to cover bottom of base of dog (optional)
-Felt for dog's tongue, red or bright pink
-Thin piece of wire for dog's tail
-Stuffing for dog's body and head, whatever you wish.
-Eyes, wiggle eyes or buttons etc.

####To make the body of fabric, or felt; cut a piece 8 1/2" by 9".

Sew the 9" long sides together(using 1/4" seams) to form a tube 8 1/2"long. Slip the cardboard base into the tube, centering the seam in the middle of the cardboard. Observe to see if this tube will make an appropriate looking body. Make adjustments if necessary by making a larger seam or cutting the cardboard so it is narrower.

Cut an oval shaped piece of fabric that is approx. 6" long by 3 1/2 inches wide. Cut in two at the 3" wide spot. This will give you 2 pieces to make the ends of the tubes. Sew in one of the ends. Then stuff the tube firmly and sew in the other end.Keep in mind that the shape of the little dog's body needs to be sort of curved at the top. Don't make a "Sausage"

Head: The head is made from the same fabric as the body. Make a ball shape, in any way that you can, in a size appropriate to the length of the body. (Two pieces sewn together, like a baseball covering, or just gather the fabric up around some stuffing and shape it to a ball.) This is attached to the end of the body at the top, and slightly over the end, so the head will stick out slightly in front of the body.

To be continued on next page: Bonny (Granny)

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Subject: Re: Yarn Pekinese Dog--Instructions part 3

####Dog's Hair:
This is made by making a thick and WIDE fringe. The fringe must be as wide as, from the top of the back down to the base, with an inch or two to spread out. Approx 5" from back to end should work nicely. This means 10" wide fringe. My mom always sewed it to a strip of cloth, to give it stability. Make this fringe so that it is close together or the dog will look as if it is going bald. The strip of fringe should be about 15" long. Sew or glue it on, the length of the body at the "backbone", going from just under the "chin", up over the curve of the head; along the back to just over the butt end. Finish off ends neatly.

This is hard to picture,while just reading it, but I hope if you try doing it as you read along, it will become clear. Cut 36 strands of yarn, 12" long. Separate into two bundles, with 18 strands in each. Fold bundle #1 in half and place it on the table so that the fold is away from you and ends are closer to you. Place bundle #2 on top of bundle #1 in a perpendicular position (ends to left and right). Holding the two together, bring the fold of #1 up and back toward you, and slip it under the ends of itself. This will make a loop knot around #2 (like the fringe loop knots made on shawls and afghans). Pull the ends of #1 tightly toward you, making the knot firm. These ends will be the dog's chin whiskers. The ends of #2 will form the dog's moustache.

You should now be able to see the nose formed. It will sort of have two sides. with a tiny triangle shape where the ends of #1 are pulled through, this will be the mouth.

Tongue: Cut a small tear-drop shape piece of the red felt for the tongue and push it up into the triangle shape and sew or glue in place. Then attach the whole nose-mouth-whisker-moustache assembly to the front of the head.

Tail: Make some fringe approx. 2" wide and 2 1/2" long. Thread the thin wire through the center of the fringe. Attach this to the butt end of the dog.

Finishing: Trim all fringe, moustach and whiskers, tail etc. to your own taste. A piece of felt, cut to fit the base and glued on will give the bottom a finished look. Make a bow and attach at the back of the neck. Smooth the hair and arrange it neatly. Don't forget to sign it!


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